Cape York Highlights

Finally I got around to putting together a video from our Cape York trip. Finally! I had borrowed our brother’s GoPro for the trip but my old computer was a little too slow to handle the footage, so I had to wait until I upgraded. The video features all the usual highlights for Cape York – plenty… Read More Cape York Highlights

Queensland, Trip Report

Cape York Day 6

Today was a very interesting day on the Old Telegraph track featuring the most well-known crossings, Gunshot Creek. The day started easy. Bertie Creek crossing was only a very short distance from our camp and is fairly straight-forward. The creek is clear and has a nice rocky base, but also hides some pretty deep potholes.… Read More Cape York Day 6

Queensland, Trip Report

Cape York Day 4

Sitting here writing this post I have the sound of the river bubbling behind me and a fire crackling in front of me. Honestly, the simple things in life really are the best. God has made such a beautiful Earth for us to enjoy. The more I explore this great planet, the more I appreciate… Read More Cape York Day 4