About Us

We’re a married couple with a dog from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, with a passion for travel. We tour around this great country in a 200 Series Landcruiser and Ultimate Camper Xplor GT… at least in between holding down jobs back home! Through this blog and our social media channels, we share our passion for exploring the incredible “off the beaten track” locations Australia has to offer.

James, Trinity and Mister Dog
James, Trinity and Mister Dog


James is a carpenter by trade and works in construction contract administration. He has owned a number of 4WD vehicles over the years. His current vehicle is a 2018 200 Series Landcruiser. As the mechanically-minded one in our family, James is responsible for the maintenance of and overseeing any modifications for our vehicles.


Trinity is the creative mind behind the blog, photos, and our social media pages.  Having previously worked as a veterinarian, she’s pursued a career change that now sees her working in a large university. Trinity is also the proud owner of her own Patrol – a 2006 TD42 coil cab ute.

Mister Dog:

Mister Dog is a 7-year-old Staffy cross fur-child. Our little dude joins us on as many dog-friendly trips as possible – from short weekenders, to longer trips touring around Queensland and beyond. He has seen more of Australia than many dogs can boast!