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First things first – we feel we owe an apology to our faithful blog followers for our lack of posts in 2018. Last year was a busy year for us. Trinity finished off her Masters studies and headed back to full-time work, and James was very fortunate to receive a promotion. Sure, we still headed off on camping trips whenever we could make the time — but we really needed that down-time to relax. As a result our blog has suffered. Our plans for this year are much more exciting! And we’re hoping to devote a bit more time to sharing what we get up to with you all on here, too.


Our blog wasn’t the only thing we neglected in 2018. Our YouTube channel certainly didn’t get the love it deserved either! Both being introverts, spending time in front of the camera isn’t in our “comfort zone”. However, we’ve decided that this year we’d like to give that a bit more of a go. We feel that YouTube is a great way for people to get to know us a bit better. We’ve always been in this blogging game to meet like-minded people who enjoy what we do, and share our experiences. We’re hoping videos might help us do that.


Walk around our 2004 GU TD42 Patrol Wagon

You’ve seen it in our photos, but we haven’t shared about it much on here – our 2004 GU TD42 wagon. We’ve spent a lot of time (let’s ignore the money!) building it to be a capable and reliable touring rig. It’s the second Patrol we’ve owned – our previous wagon was a TB45 Patrol on petrol and gas, which we quickly realised wasn’t practical for the type of travel we do. With only 200-300km range on petrol, filling up from jerry cans got old rather quickly!


We’ve given a run-down of our current Patrol and the modifications we’ve done in our most recent YouTube video. If you have any questions about the car feel free to drop us a comment either here or on YouTube.


A new addition to the family!

If you follow us on Instagram you may have seen the little bit of hype we created around this announcement. We dropped hints that our Bulldust & Back Roads family was growing. The most common guesses from our followers were either a puppy or a new car. As much as we would have loved to be welcoming a new pup into our home, the big news was that Trinity had bought a new four-wheel-drive. And yes, it was another Patrol!


The new Patrol
Our kind of “couples goals” – matching His ‘n Hers Patrols


What promoted the move from the Jimny to a Patrol? Many of you wouldn’t be aware, but after Trinity’s father passed we decided to keep his old farm ute, a Ford Courier he’d owned since new. Trinity had a lot of memories tied to that ute, and we’d always had a ute for the odd jobs like runs to the rubbish tip. However, paying three vehicle registrations was starting to add up, not to mention the extra money in insurance and maintenance costs!


We kept this pretty quiet, but earlier in the year Trinity sold the Jimny. It was a bittersweet moment. While we’d both had a lot of fun building the Jimny into a very capable little car, it was time to make a hard-but-sensible decision. Selling it to a girl keen to start four-wheel-driving made it a little easier to part with.


The mighty Jimny
The mighty little Jimny at its prime


Anyone familiar with the old TD42 Patrols knows they don’t come up too often… at least a good one. If we’re honest, we’d been looking – in some capacity – for close to 6 months before we found this one. We’d gone to see quite a few, and had even broadened the search to include V8 conversions… but it had to be a ute. There was always a reason why they weren’t quite right. We got lucky with this one. It’s in near mint condition with low kilometres. The ute is pretty well stock other than a rather ugly canopy and a random towball on the bullbar!


Trinity removing the canopy
The canopy was the first thing to go… closely followed by that extra towball!


Trinity has some big plans for this one. It’ll be set up to be capable off-road, while still practical for touring if need be. We’re aiming to document the progress both on here and in future YouTube videos.


What other videos would you like to see us do? Campsite and product reviews? Vlogs from our trips? Let us know in the comments!

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