Review: VicOffroad Folding Fire Pit + Grill

Some of the best camping memories are created around a campfire. Toasting marshmallows, cooking a meal, and sharing a story or two. However, an increasing number of campsites are now restricting campfires to fire pits – whether be existing ones on site or portable ones you can take along yourself.


Stoking the fire
Stoking the fire as the sun sets


Keen to get ourselves a folding fire pit we shopped around for a little while. A lot of the fire pits we found were bulky, heavy, or expensive. When we partnered with VicOffroad to review a few of their products this fire pit & grill was the first thing to catch our eye. It is currently listed on their website for $29.95. If you’re keen to read more about who VicOffroad are check out our rapid tyre deflator review.


Unboxing the fire pit

The fire pit came in a slim cardboard box. Inside it contained the folding fire pit, a small grill for holding charcoal, wood or briquettes, and a larger grill for cooking. There were no instructions for assembly but it was very straightforward to put together.


Dog approves
The VicOffroad fire pit & grill has Dog’s approval!


First impressions

The fire pit and included grills are very lightweight. For the price and our purposes it’s perfect, but it’s not as heavy-duty as some of the more expensive alternatives on the market. Also, it was very quick and easy to set up. Within a couple minutes you’ll be ready to start up your campfire or getting your grill hot to cook.


Adding Kindling
Adding kindling to the fire pit


Why we like this product

Who doesn’t love a campfire, right? We wanted to add a portable fire pit to our camping kit but weren’t prepared to spend a lot of money or buy something heavy or bulky. This folding fire pit & grill from VicOffroad serves our purposes perfectly! It folds down to a very compact 47cm x 47cm x 3cm when packed away. This slimline size means it fits perfectly next to our fridge in the back of our car. Weighing in at under 2.5kg it also doesn’t add excessive weight – a necessary consideration for the kind of travel we do.


We were also drawn to its dual purpose – both a fire pit and grill. We cook a lot of meals on our big charcoal smoker & grill at home. As we love the flavour charcoal grilling imparts on food, we were excited that we’d still be able to achieve this when we went away. We are yet to try cooking on our VicOffroad fire pit & grill but can’t wait to see how it performs!


James Fire Pit
James tending to the fire


The price of this VicOffroad product was another drawcard for us. We both really love to get a bargain and believe that more expensive isn’t always best. While this fire pit & grill may not be as heavy-duty as some of the more expensive ones on the market,  its small size and light-weight construction suit our needs better than many of the alternatives.


The video below is a short demonstration of the VicOffroad folding fire pit & grill in action.



Disclaimer: VicOffroad have sponsored this post by providing us with this product to review. However, all opinions expressed are our own and completely genuine. We only choose to review products that we have personally used and feel our readers would benefit from hearing about.

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