Condamine River Road Ladies Drive

Last weekend we organised a day drive along the Condamine River Road in south east Queensland. Our idea behind the drive was for it to be a “Ladies Day”. After Trinity bought her Suzuki Jimny a few months ago, she was keen to meet some other like-minded women. Knowing few ladies with their own cars, we spread the word via friends, forums, and Instagram and opened the day to not only ladies with their own cars, but also those who wanted an excuse to have a go behind the wheel if they weren’t the regular drivers.


Airing Down
Airing down, ready for the road ahead


We ended up with 9 cars – a better turn out than we’d initially expected! Steph and Chris from Overland Obsessed were a huge help. They helped spread the word and rallied together some friends to join in the day.


The Lineup
The line-up of cars at the Condamine River Road gate


The Condamine River Road

The Condamine River Road runs between The Head and Killarney, south of Boonah, in south east Queensland. The track is roughly 16 kilometres long (based on when we last logged it using Hema Explorer!) and crosses the Condamine River 14 times. It frequently closes after heavy rain, although in good conditions it makes for an easy, scenic drive


Jimny Boat
The Jimny doing its best impression of a boat

Our Drive

We met up with our convoy at Boonah and headed south to The Head end of the Condamine River Road. The drive down from Boonah takes just shy of an hour. The Condamine River Road is a gazetted road signed as 4WD Access Only.


Jimny Shallow Crossing
The Jimny heading across a shallow crossing


All the water crossings were a comfortable, shallow depth – perfect for those with less experience. The road itself was also in great condition.


Karyn Pajero
This was Karyn’s first drive of their Pajero!


We were really pleased to see the ladies keen to jump behind the wheel of their partner’s or husband’s cars. Before Trinity bought her Jimny, we found it was the convenient option to treat our four-wheel-drive as a “Boy’s Toy”, with James doing the driving and any work on it. Knowing a lot of our friends who owned four-wheel-drives were similar, we thought a day like this was a good chance for the girls to give it a go. Not all the drivers were novices, though. We had Deb, a full-time traveller, join us for the day in her Prado, and a few guys bought their cars along for a run, too.


Steph driving Pedro the Patrol


All the ladies did a brilliant job. We’re hoping they’ll be putting their hands up to drive more often from now on!


Deb Last Crossing
Deb heading across the final crossing


We finished the drive with a good feed for lunch at the Killarney pub, swapping stories from our travels and discussing ideas for future day trips. A number of us are keen to make these trips a regular event. If you’d be keen to join us please don’t hesitate to drop us an email and let us know so we can keep you in the loop.


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    • Hi Cherry, thanks for your comment! Glad you got a bit of a laugh out of the post. 😁 Because we had some beginners along for the drive it was good practice to air down. While it might not be absolutely necessary for this road (which could probably be driven most of the year without engaging 4WD at all!), but it does help with traction and it’s not a bad habit to get into. I also find it helps a great deal with how the Jimny handles on gravel, so I’ll usually drop a few PSI from the tyres as soon as I head off the bitumen.

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