Review: VicOffroad Rapid Tyre Deflator

The term “airing down” has become synonymous with the start of an adventure for any keen offroad driver. We all know that dropping tyre pressures a few PSI helps increase the footprint of our tyres on the tracks, improving traction and getting us over some of the more challenging surfaces. Airing down is essential for tackling the soft sand of the desert or beach, the mud on some of the infamous 4-wheel-drive tracks, or even just to help you hold the road on rough corrugations.


Airing Down
Airing down before hitting the tracks


We had the opportunity to test out the rapid tyre deflator from VicOffroad, which is currently on their website for the very affordable price of $19.90 with free shipping in Australia.


About VicOffroad

VicOffroad are relative newcomers to the 4-wheel-drive accessory market, having started out in 2014 based in Port Melbourne.  Now in a larger warehouse in Altona, they are predominantly an online-based company selling via their website and eBay store. They also have a limited range on display for walk-in customers. They aim to make the offroad adventure lifestyle more accessible to everyone, bringing quality 4-wheel-drive and camping products to the Australian market at competitive, affordable prices.


Unboxing the VicOffroad Rapid Tyre Deflator

First impressions upon unboxing the tyre deflator were very positive. We were pleased it came with its own hard carry case and included extras like valve caps and spare valve stem seals. The tyre deflator itself appeared sturdy and of good quality. Furthermore, we liked that the pressure gauge was an analogue dial, as we’ve been caught out before relying on battery-operated digital pressure gauges only to find the batteries were dead!


How it works

This rapid tyre deflator works by removing the valve stem seal from the valve stem. This consequently allows the rapid release of air from the tyres. You’ll see in our video at the end of this post that it takes a matter of seconds to drop 10 PSI from one of our tyres. Our video also demonstrates how to use the tyre deflator.


Tyre Deflator In Use
Using the VicOffroad Tyre Deflator


Why we like this product

Firstly, this tyre deflator has made the process of airing down much easier for us. In the past we’d use an air chuck to release air from the tyres. We’d then have to go back and check the pressures with a pressure gauge. On each tyre it’d be the process of release a little air, check the pressure, release more air… you get the idea. Because of this gadget we’re now out on the tracks in much less time.


I also mentioned that we’ve had the unfortunate experience of finding our digital pressure gauge batteries were dead. This is no longer a worry for us. As the rapid tyre deflator has its own built-in analogue pressure gauge, we don’t have to carry spare batteries or be left guessing pressures.


Finally, we really don’t think you can beat the price. As we’re both quite frugal we’d held off buying a rapid tyre deflator in the past. However, for less than $20 we really think the convenience and time you’ll save is more than worth the price!


If you’re keen to see the tyre deflator in use, check out our full review up on YouTube. Also, feel free to take a look at the rest of the reviews we’ve posted on the blog.



Disclaimer: VicOffroad have sponsored this post by providing us with their rapid tyre deflator to review. However, all opinions expressed are our own and completely genuine. We only choose to review products that we have personally used and feel our readers would benefit from hearing about. 

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