Gunshot Creek from the Passenger Seat

Finally I’ve managed to get the GoPro footage from Cape York on my Mac. Finally! The Technology Gods have been kind to me which means I can bring you a new video!

This is just a short little video I’ve been excited to cut for a while. Everyone who knows Cape York and its appeal as a 4WD “Bucket List” destination knows about Gunshot Creek. Year after year the steep drop-off entries change just a little thanks to the flooding in the wet season and erosion from constant use by keen drivers. Some claim that its not as tough as it used to be, and while that may be the case, it is still a formidable crossing that’ll test the most experienced of drivers!

Gunshot Creek

When we took on Gunshot we had the GoPro mounted safely in the cabin on the passenger side, and as a result the video gives you a bit of a feeling for what it was like heading down this steep drop as a passenger in the vehicle.

If you do attempt Gunshot on your own Cape York adventure, take a minute to exercise a little caution – have a spotter, walk the crossing and check for hazards like roots and how soft the bottom is (a few cars ended up basically standing on their nose and needed to be winched out), and how you’d attempt a recovery if necessary. There’s no point taking on a challenge like this in such a remote location without a back-up plan. There’s no shame in taking the bypass track if you don’t feel up to it – it’s always better to walk away with your car and dignity intact than ruin your trip with a wrecked vehicle and a huge repair bill!

The best part about Gunshot is the sense of community you’ll find there. Plenty of travellers gather around to watch car after car attempt the steep drop (even if they opted to take the bypass track) and cheer on the drivers, so it’s a great place to meet others and have a chat.

Have you driven the Old Tele Track up the Cape? Did you attempt the Gunshot Creek crossing?

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    1. Hi Wayne, thanks for your comment! We would definitely be keen to see the camcorder footage if you do find it – upload it to YouTube and shoot us another comment with the link. Doing it on a bike would take some guts, LOL.

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