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Duck Creek Road

Sometimes the unplanned trips are the best ones. Happening across Duck Creek Road was one of those times.

After spending most of the day driving to and exploring Lamington National Park chasing waterfalls and trying out my new filter set on some long exposure photos, we drove past the turn to Duck Creek Road. James mentioned that he remembered driving the track some 15 years ago, so we decided to take a detour home. Despite having my camera in the car, all these photos were quick snapshots taken with my iPhone, so you’ll have to forgive the image quality! I hadn’t intended to blog about this track but thought I may as well!

At the Lamington National Park end of the track

Duck Creek Road runs between Lamington National Park Road (near O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat) through to Kerry Road in Scenic Rim, and is around 15.5km according to Google Maps. The sign at the Scenic Rim end does recommend that you pop a $3 donation in the honesty box to help cover the costs of track maintenance. Most of the track runs through private property, so don’t be tempted to venture off the track or leave your rubbish lying around. Airing your tyres down a little would help with certain sections of the track, through we didn’t drop tyre pressures and had no issues.

The track dives off into the bushland to the left as you’re driving away from O’Reilly’s car park and is quite easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. Signs like the “4WD Access Only” one above are usually a good indication that the track may offer at least a little excitement, and Duck Creek Road didn’t disappoint.

At the Lamington National Park end we did come across some wet sections of the track where other drivers had clearly enjoyed the mud pit, but it was easy enough to get around them without having to drive through the slop. The track continues on to a rise with amazing views out to the left (in the video below – look for the Patrol parked on the left that we drive past), then proceeds to a steeper and rocky descent for a good part of the track. Some areas of track are quite rutted out, so you may need to be careful to pick a good line.

The best photo I got of the track, but it was rougher and steeper than this elsewhere!

Overall the track was a fun and interesting drive – enough of a challenge so experienced drivers won’t feel bored, but not too difficult so even beginners with 4WD’s could give it a go.

Have you driven this iconic South-East Queensland track? What did you think? Do you know of any other tracks in the area to recommend to us and other readers?

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