Cape York Day 5

This evening sees us at yet another free camp, on yet another river. Tonight we’ve stopped at the Dulhunty River crossing on the Old Telegraph Track. It’s a real gem of a spot! Tonight while I write we have the aroma of roast lamb cooking in the Weber wafting through the campsite and a very light sprinkle of rain dancing on the awnings. There are absolutely no facilities here, but that’s what you need to expect on the Old Telegraph Track, particularly in the free camps.

The Dulhunty River at the crossing
Waterfall in the river
A few smaller waterfalls
Another angle of the first waterfall photo

This camping area is certainly a fun place to photograph! Its such a beautiful spot with the waterfalls, moss on rocks of various textures, and wildlife in the river like frogs and fish.

Gumnuts and moss
Moss under the rocks

We left The Bend mid morning heading north along the Peninsula Development Road, turning off at Telegraph Road to head to Bramwell Station. We stopped there for lunch – yet another good burger – and a few photo opportunities before hitting the Old Telegraph Track.

The convoy next to a termite mound
Number plate tree outside Bramwell Station


Close up of a termite mound
The start of Old Telegraph Track

The first crossing you’ll reach heading north along the Old Telegraph Track is Palm Creek. The track straight through at the moment is a bit of a challenge but do-able. This was the route that James and Ethan (in the Landcruiser) both chose to drive.

Ethan driving through Palm Creek

Rod in his short wheel base Pajero opted for the more challenging track to exit the river and was rewarded for his effort with getting bogged! He made it out in one piece after putting the winch to good use.

Rod getting bogged at Palm Creek
Emma thought she might try to pull him out
Rod successfully winching out

Ducie Creek is the next crossing. It’s also a bit of a challenge to keep capable drivers interested, but once again is definitely do-able. North Alice Creek was pretty unremarkable but is technically a crossing.

Tomorrow we’re expecting the highlight to be the infamous Gunshot Creek crossing. We will be taking the “Chicken Track” but are still looking forward to watching others who are game enough to attempt the difficult crossing! We might make it to the Fruitbat and Eliot Falls but will see what conditions allow. We’re all quite happy taking it easy and enjoying what this great track has to offer, both in scenery and 4-wheel-driving fun.

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