Cape York Day 4

Sitting here writing this post I have the sound of the river bubbling behind me and a fire crackling in front of me. Honestly, the simple things in life really are the best. God has made such a beautiful Earth for us to enjoy. The more I explore this great planet, the more I appreciate the creativity of our Creator.

Tonight we’re camped at my favourite spot so far, The Bend campsite just north of Coen. We’ve set up our camp in what would be part of the riverbed in the wet season in a more secluded part of the camping area. We have a yabbie net thrown in and a campfire burning just for the atmosphere it creates. It really is a special spot.

The “common area” and where the others are sleeping in swags
Our home for the night next to the river

Today we started the “real” part of our Cape York adventure – the Peninsula Development Road. We were pleasantly surprised with the condition the road was in between Laura and the Musgrave Roadhouse. Sure, its rough and corrugated, but no where near as bad as we were expecting and those in our convoy who have done the Cape before noted there are a lot more stretches of bitumen now than previous. It was a little rougher between Musgrave Roadhouse and Coen. One vehicle had its rear door work it’s way open from the corrugations, and the other lost the chain securing the mud flap to the underside of the tray, but overall they are only minor issues.

Our first stop for the day was a quick break to stretch our legs at a lookout just south of Lakeland. Nice views, and had to laugh when a convoy of matching Nissan Patrols pulled in that were very similar to our own vehicle.

Enjoying the view from a little higher
It definitely was worth being that little bit higher!
The gorgeous view from the Patrol roof. This is looking out towards Hamilton Peak.

Next stop was the Laura Roadhouse for lunch. The burgers were good, the toilets were clean – it was the quick lunch stop we needed.

We had another quick stop at the Musgrave Roadhouse for fuel and an ice cream (only day 4 and we were all missing some of the luxuries of home!). It’s an interesting place to stop. It appears to be a popular place for a bite to eat, and there’s camping available. There’s the infamous tank with the distances to other locations on the Cape recorded, and even a plaque commemorating 100 years since a telegraph station was opened there back in 1887.

The infamous tank
An old fuel pump

I have a lot of footage of the Peninsula Development Road from the GoPro that I am planning to put together as a montage, but unfortunately using the wifi to transfer it to the iPad is a little too hard on the battery so I’ll have to edit it once I’m home. In the meantime here’s a teaser video showing just how dusty the road can be.


Tomorrow we’re planning on starting to tackle the Old Telegraph Track so it’s doubtful we will have much reception. I’m looking forward to posting about our experience with the track – Gunshot Creek, Fruitbat and Eliot Falls, the technical aspect of driving the track, and so on. It should be a good post!

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